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Railco: Our Process

Our Process

Mastering the craft. Understanding the environment.

At Railco, each system is designed to withstand the climate in Florida and in the Caribbean. All aluminum materials are hand-picked to combat the natural elements, and then further protected  from exposure through an advanced painting process.

It’s all in the weld.

Mechanical rails expedite the manufacturing process, which is why many competitors prefer this efficient method, but the quality is far from superior. Railco takes pride in knowing that each piece is hand-welded with extreme care and precision. It’s an art, not a race.

The coating process. 

RailCo: Powder CoatingThe pre-treatment process ensures proper paint and/or power bonding properties. This essential step conditions the metal to enhance bonding of paint to metal, thus preventing chipping or peeling caused by corrosion, improving life and appearance of the finished product.

The metal then proceed to the spray booth, where they are painted with electrostatic spray guns.  This process applies powder coatings and/or wet materials to any intricate extrusion pattern or curvature in an even and smooth manner.

The final step involves a high density infrared oven. Once the paint and/or powder is completely bonded to the metal, it retains a superior finish that will last for many years to come. A high degree of quality control is maintained throughout each process.