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When function meets style, creativity has no boundaries.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right aluminum system for a property. How does aluminum compare to other materials? How does it hold up in a tropical climate? What kind of maintenance is required? Will it add aesthetic value or simply blend into the background?

From a practical point, railings provide protection, making you feel at ease when climbing a staircase or admiring the view from a balcony. Fences and gates create barriers and access points. But each of these systems, when thoughtfully conceived and artfully created, can also add visual interest to a space.

At Railco, our team of expert designers and engineers can help you customize a design that meets the safety guidelines and achieves a desired look.


Each system can be forged and welded to complement the existing style, with designs ranging from an intricate scroll to a simple angle pattern. Basket railings are form-fitted to the curve of a balcony or window, while the X-design railing is an attractive option for a porch or patio area.


Fences can also be customized to enhance both the natural elements and the architectural design of the building itself.


Gates come in many unique shapes and sizes. Design options can range from barely noticeable details to an array of embellishments, creating an entrance that doubles as an artistic focal point.

Architectural Structures

Aluminum structures can make a powerful architectural statement. Below are a few examples of how Railco can turn a space into an extraordinary work of art.